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Home » Product » Power Inverter » 2000W DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter
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2000W DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Modified Sine Wave UPS / Inverter / Charger Systems,The Desirable Long Backup power solution for home and office applianced.

  • SIGA
2000W DC to AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Key Features

  User selectable for accepting Wider input voltage
  Full automatic and silent operation
  Back Tower design
  High Frequency
  Off mode charging
  Available in five AC outlet configurations:NEMA,
  Schuko,French,India,and BS 1363
  Compact size for convenient use and storage.
  Built-in 8 Amp super charger for up to l00Ah battery
  Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliances and office equipment
  Two-steps intelligent charging control to recharging time
Technical Specifications

Model   IG 3110E
IG 3110E
IG 3110E
IG 3110E
Capcity VA/W 500VA/300W 1000VA/600W 2000VA/1200W 1000VA/600W
Input Nominal Voltage 110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
90-145VAC or 170-280VAC (Narrow Range)
50-145VAC or 90-280VAC (Wide Range)
Output Voltage 120VAC or 230VAC
Voltage Regulation(Bat.Mode) 10%~18%
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Frequency regulation(Bat.Mode) ±0.1Hz
Output Waveform Modified Sinewave
Battery &
Charger Current 10Amp±1Amp  10Amp±1Amp  10Amp±1Amp  10Amp±1Amp 
DC Voltage 12V 12V 24V 24V
Overcharge Protection 15V 15V 30V 30V
Transfer time Typical 8ms
Efficiency AC to AC >95%
DC to DC >80%
Indicator AC Mode Green lighting
Battery Mode Yellow lighting
Battery Charging Mode  Green flashing every 2 second
OverLoad Red flashing 0.5 seconds
Fault Red lighting
Audible alarm Low Battery at Banery Mode Sounding every 2 seconds
OverLoad Sounding every 0.5 seconds
Protection Fault Continuously sounding
Physical Full Protection Discharge, overcharge, and overload protection
Dimension D×W×H(mm) 224×255×80
Net Weight(kgs) 2 2.3 2.5 1.9
Environment Operating Environment 0-4℃, 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Noise Level Less than 50dB
Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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