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EPS fire prevention emergency power supply's characteristic application

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-06-17      Origin:Site

Fire emergency power into LED fire emergency power supply, EPS fire emergency power supply two kinds.
   EPS press equipped with load type basically divided into three categories: lighting type, lighting / power hybrid power conversion type.
   EPS fire emergency power supply load equipment for the fire industry are generally equipped with: emergency lights, lights, fire lifts, fire pumps, escape windows, eliminate water spray curtain, fire gates, alarm systems, smoke exhaust machines.
   Emergency measures specifically for the design and development of EPS fire emergency power supply, with some advanced and practical, it can achieve computer monitoring and treatment, fire emergency lighting, shutter doors, fire lifts, water pumps, exhaust fans and other fire-fighting facilities to achieve Automatic control. Such products are mostly high-rise buildings, airports, telecommunications network rooms, hospitals, stadiums and other projects important use.
   EPS fire emergency power supply has the following characteristics:
   When electric power is static, no noise, less than 60 dB, without smoke, shock treatment;
   Automatic switching, enabling unattended, EPS power grid and switching between time of 0.1s ~ 0.25s;
   Load capacity, EPS for inductive, capacitive and equipment integrated load, such as fire elevators, pumps, fans, emergency lighting;
   Reliable, on important occasions can be used hot standby mode, ensuring reliable power supply accidents and fire cases, the host life of up to more than 20a, battery 5a ~ 10a above
   Harsh environments, can be placed in the basement or distribution room, you can use spaces close to the emergency load-place settings, reducing power lines;
   For some larger power electricity facilities, such as: fire pumps, fans, EPS can be directly linked with the motor after the inverter starts, and then enter the normal operating condition;
   Emergency standby time, standard type is 60 min, there is a delay interfaces.