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Exar Corporation announces release voltage dropping manostat XRP6670

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-07-16      Origin:Site

     Exar Corporation recently announced that the release develops its low voltage, voltage dropping manostat product family's new product XRP6670. The XRP6670 programmable operating frequency provides to the power source designer in the optimized primary device value, the size and a performance aspect higher flexibility, thus implements to electromagnetic interference (EMI) gathers the gauge and the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) precise control.
   2.6V to in the 5.5V input voltage scope's operating area, XRP6670 may provide reaches as high as the 3Amps sustained current as well as may lower to the 0.8V output voltage. Through its constant 300kHz to the 2.5MHz programmable operating frequency, this synchropulse length modulation (PWM) voltage manostat may hold the broad inductance and the output capacitance value. In addition, XRP6670 adjustable frequency range, through sole resistance, setting, permission user optimization size dimension, transient response and efficiency, pinpointing elementary operation eo frequency and following overtone. XPR6670 relies on its compact structure, reduces module quantity, becomes the industry, the medical service and the audio frequency and the video equipment and even to the spatial sensitive application program ideal electing.
“we will continue to innovate simple Yi Yong performance to be but higher and the integrated solution “” the Exar power source control and AMS product vice-president Mr. James Lougheed indicated that “regarding any bit in the performance, the size, the cost and EMC/between the EMI compatibility will measure, the power source paradigm teacher who will seek the accuracy control model conversion design, XRP6670 was they have provided the unprecedented flexibility.”
XRP6670 is one section reaches as high as 2The electric current synchronized PWM the electric current model voltage dropping (buck) manostat, implements 2.6V to the 5.5V input voltage scope in industrial standard 3.3V and on the 5V power source axle the sole power source operation. Based on the electric current model PWM check plan, the XRP6670 operating frequency implements programmable through the non-essential resistance between 300khz and 2.5 megacycles. Its flexibility helps the XRP6670 optimization module selection and reduced module quantity and the solution. XRP6670 provides the low output voltage ripple, outstanding linear and load relative regulation as well as 100% action cycle LDO model. The output voltage may lower to 0.8V, surpasses 2% precise rate, simultaneously lowers the quiescent current to support the strictest battery operating condition. Built-in excessively warm, the overflow, the short circuit and owe the pressure to lock the (UVLO) safeguarding to guarantee under the unusual working condition the safe operation.
XRP6670 presently passes through going on the market, the sample and measured that a test plate convenience client quicker design and the test, XRP6670 conforms to 3mm x 3mm, the RoHS standard, provides “the green” the non-lead halogen 10- pin DFN seal.