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High accuracy exchange manostat assembly technique procedure

Views:4     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-09-20      Origin:Site

Before precision exchange regulator assembly, first check the shell, frame, motor frame, clamps, Rose and other members plating spray quality meets the requirements. Panels, floor eligibility, clear screen, position accuracy, surface without zoned India, bubbles. Accessories specifications are correct, quality is satisfactory.
   Floor assembly: rubber feet uniform size, not loose, not missing equipment; power lines can not have broken the phenomenon rubber sleeve, socket assembly in place, not loose; when the terminal block assembly, can not have loose or skew phenomenon, to prevent leakage.
   Coil tap should shave, force should not be too large, in order to prevent tap breakage. Weld phenomenon can not have (especially dual head), the tap length of 2 ~ 3mm, length unity when solder.
   Fixed coil base: fastening screws should be tightened (azimuth hole 1.5KVA following coil bakelite base must be aligned with the screw holes mounted motors)
   Machining bearing center hole: hole cutter can not be too large, to ensure that when the shaft is rotated in the bush, without shaking or stuck phenomenon; for 1.5KVA following specifications, copper rivet on the shaft when the gear must riveting solid, not should be loose, skew phenomenon, axes must be perpendicular to the plane gear.
   Fixed coil: pressure ring, coil and base center hole should be centrally symmetric, fixed sleeve recess coincide with the holder, and the fastening nut, solid; electric brush when the distance from the coil center operation in the entire plane, the change does not exceed 1mm, electrical brush height changes during operation does not exceed 1.5mm.
   Assembly contact assembly: brush trapezoidal cross-section (with the coil turns grinding surface grinding shape anastomosis); brush-sectional thickness should be accounted for (1.8 to 3) turns diameter width (1.5KVA the following for 4 turns); brush assembly (including copper, carbon brushes and connection points) and no flux on oil; brush-sectional contact surface as large as possible, but its length should not exceed the width of the grinding surface; brush and brush holder closely, can not have a large swing (swing angle of not more than 1.5o) or stuck.
   Loading coil clamps: joints should be unified direction, not loose, and fixed in the middle of the insulating paper (insulation paper to go through dipping treatment), insulation paper (1mm thick) to separate the like coil bracket member; insulating paper width should be greater than Clamp width (at least greater than 1cm)
   Mounted motor: hand when carbon swing arm, the motor should be loose and not normal slip, while observing the two transmission gears are in the same plane, and does not collide with other parts, two transmission backlash appropriate, there should be no release or stuck phenomenon; fixed motor or motor bracket screw length is appropriate;
   Directions mounted jog to the correct length suitable fastening screws, must be installed tight.
   Fixed Movement: screw uniform size, not missing equipment, do not slide wire, elastic cushion pad assembly specifications.
   Wiring must strictly comply with electrical wiring diagram, there should pick the wrong line, drain lines, broken lines or Weld phenomenon; diameter size, color uniform, dressing neatly.
   Regulators on the panel meter, lights installed correctly, should not be loose, sockets, switches to be installed in place, tighten.
   Stretch the length to match the floor length, accurate holes, fixing nut must bring spring washers, flat washers
   Handle belt, buckle handle no spots, rust, bubbles, and aligned, portable no breakage.
   After capping, no foreign body inside and clean, no noise after shaking hands.
   Housing screws, size, color uniform, not loose, but can not have slippery silk or rusting.
   Fixed various elements and fasteners: screws must be tightened, components can not loose, slippery silk, required local installation nut flat washer, spring washers. Never use adhesive fixing 502.