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Manostat safeguarding maintenance and matters needing attention

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-07-12      Origin:Site

   The manostat pressure avoids vibrating, the noxious gas, the corrosion liquid fiercely pours into.

   Manostat's ties, have the enough current capacity connecting lead according to the rated power equipment.

   Holds the instrument interior is clean, because the dust can hinder the gear-driven, affects the precision, should sweep clear and hold promptly the carbon brush and coil contact face clean, guaranteed that the carbon brush spring has the enough pressure, in order to avoid the carbon brush and the coil contact face spark over.

   When the manostat loses the automatic control function, should stop using electricity, and examination within the aircraft micro-active switch/micromove switch/sensitive switch, control wiring board, electrical machinery gear whether there is breakdown.