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     SIGA Electric Co., Ltd. Power Institute of China, domestic trade industry standard, "household automatic exchange regulator" professional members of the Committee units, domestic trade, "Interface electronics goods standardized" technical focal point, the power of professional services in the field of scientific research, development, technology, production and sales of export-oriented import-export enterprises. In order to further expand their business, we are now facing Wanted agents at home and abroad.
       First. Eligibility:
       1. An independent legal personality, independent accounting, self-financing, independent business units;
       2. Theo root of brand identity and culture, and have the correct concept of brand management;
       3. With sales of similar products and management by the study;
       The local peer products and consumer groups have a certain understanding;
       5. There are certain financial strength.
       Second. Application Procedure:
       1. First, fill out a form, submit form; (click to enter fill in the form)
       2. The Company's audit;
       3. The signing of the contract;
       4. handle agency business.