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SBW series exchange manostat performance characteristic

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-07-05      Origin:Site

     The DBW/SBW series high efficiency compensation type exchange manostat product has both the traditional electronic exchange type, induction-type and long of magnetic saturation type manostat, overcame the traditional manostat capacity slightly, lost, the wave distortion in a big way big and so on flaws, had the capacity big, the efficiency high, the non-waveform distortion, the voltage regulation steady as well as the use safeguarding simple run.
   But widely applies in department's and so on Industrial and mining establishment, oil field, railroad, Construction site, school, hospital, posts and telecommunications, guesthouse, scientific research electronic accounting machines, the precision machine tool, the computer fault smear photography (CT), the precision instrument, the test equipment, the elevator illumination, imports the device and the process line and so on needs the supply voltage stable place, SBW, the DBW series manostat should in the indoor use.
   The nature can the characteristic
   Extends when outputs: After putting through the power source, automated time delay 5-8 second later puts into the work;
   , Has owed presses the safeguarding: The output voltage is bigger than when the output rated value ±10% or is smaller than the output rated value ±10%, auto-alarm and dump;
   Crosses the stream, the short circuit and lacks safeguards;
   From moves the examination diagnosis function: When the hardware breaks down, can the automatic diagnosis and originating the light alarm;
   The list computer power capacity is big, the three-phase constant voltage may reach above 2000KVA;
   City electricity double bypass function: The hardware breaks down or the fuse abruption, but network voltage change in rated voltage 10% scopes time, the manostat can the automated nonstop state power supply; Under this situation may also pass “the city electricity/constant voltage” the by-pass switch, manual switch to city electricity nonstop state;
   Anti-surge performance: In the line input end configuration high energy surge impact blanker, the valid solution thunder and lightning induction and so on between the 10us-100us pulse spike voltage to device's fatal impact (may selection);
   Transports a line of steadiness, the load relative regulation and the electrical network relative regulation may be lower than 2%; The load fluctuation big current collector, is suitable specially in all requires the high constant voltage to the electrical network profile to use electricity the place.
   Negative carries adaptiveness, can under each kind of complex condition the steady work.