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SVC high accuracy completely automatic exchange single-phase manostat

Views:5     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2013-07-08      Origin:Site

      The SVC series high accuracy completely automatic exchange manostat by the contact type from the pair pressure regulator, the servo type electric motor, the automatic circuit and so on is composed, when network voltage unstable or variation of load, the automatic sampling control circuit discrete sampling actuation servo electrical machinery, adjusts from the pair pressure regulator carbon brush's position, enables the output voltage to adjust the rated value and to achieve the constant voltage state.
   This serial products has the variety to be many, specification entire, outside merits and so on beautiful appearance. Has the profile to be not distorted, the efficiency is high, perform reliably, but characteristics and so on long-term run, are equipped with the short time delay, have pressed and so on safeguarding functions, may additionally build the long time delay according to user's need with to owe the voltage protection function. The product may widely apply in any uses electricity the place, is one kind of ideal voltage-stabilized source, guarantees your current collector normal operation.
   The host must apply in the office equipment. Test facility, medical equipment, industrial automation device, domestic electric appliances, lighting system, in vivo communication system and so on.